Child Neuro Channel

The Child Neurology Foundation (CNF) unveils a new, made-for-parents website with information, success stories, an event calendar, and even a Childrens’ Corner with games and apps.

Called the ChildNeuroChannel, the site features ‘Experts Explain’ articles that deliver need-to-know information for caregivers for many of the most common and serious neurologic disorders. Each article is written by a preeminent child neurologist. “While lay-friendly, these articles aren’t simply sound-bites — they cover the comprehensive information that parents are seeking,” explained CNF President, Dr. Don Shields, “Their role as advocates requires current, accurate information.”

The ‘Experts Explain’ project is driven by Executive Editor (and CNF founder) Dr. Ken Swaiman. He and managing editor, Arlene Carpenter, have identified and worked with the top child neurologists for each article. The initial slate includes articles addressing Epilepsy, Febrile Seizures, ADHD, Autism, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, Sleep Disorders, Breath Holding, Infantile Spasms, Language Disorders, Headaches, and Cerebral Palsy written by Doctors Camfield, Shinnar, Mandelbaum, Jeste, Brown, Kotagal, Roddy, Shields, Trauner, Crosley, and Swaiman.

“Parents scouring the internet often report on the glaring absence of success stories,” commented CNF Executive Director, John Stone. “The ChildNeuroChannel site will highlight success-stories we experience every day”.