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International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke (IAPS) News & World Stroke Day: October 29, 2016

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Perinatal Stroke Research Request for Application

Attention research teams: The NIH/NNHLBI recently announced a research project grant for perinatal stroke. This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) solicits grant applications regarding basic or translational research addressing the developing neurovascular unit, perinatal stroke injury/repair response, and/or stroke related etiologies and risk factors. Research regarding vascular, hemostatic, hematopoietic, and/or immune cell activities in the developing brain is of particular interest. The intent of this FOA is to stimulate research that will identify therapeutic targets in perinatal stroke.

The Letter of Intent is due by January 7, 2017 and the application due date isFebruary 7, 2017. All the information can be found at

The International Paediatric Stroke Study

We often hear from families wondering why there isn’t more being done for recognizing, understanding and preventing pediatric stroke. However, more has been learned over the past few years, thanks in large part to the investigators and experts in the International Paediatric Stroke Study (IPSS). We would like to highlight and share the advancements the IPSS has accomplished over the past 13 years.  The IPSS is led by Dr. Gabrielle deVeber, former International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke board member, and includes an impressive list of leading pediatric stroke neurologists and investigators. Their mission is to perform international collaborative research aimed at understanding, preventing, and improving outcomes in pediatric stroke. The network provides a database of infants and children who have suffered strokes.

Currently there are over 5,100 patients enrolled in 60 active stroke centers in 20 countries. More centers are being added each year and hospitals around the world are encouraged to join the IPSS. Families of children who have suffered strokes are eligible for screening if their child is a patient at one of the enrolling centers. To find out if your area hospital is enrolled or to initiate enrollment please contact Alexandra Linds, IPSS Project Manager.

To read more about the International Pediatric Stroke Study please visit theDatabase for Stroke in Infants and Children clinical page or reference the International Pediatric Stroke Study information sheet.

World Stroke Day: October 29, 2016

International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke is again spearheading the awareness campaign for World Stroke Day 2016. We need everyone to join us to make sure that pediatric stroke is recognized around the world for #WSD16! Be sure to add your stroke story to the map and check out all the stories and resources available on United for Pediatric Stroke