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Rare Neurological Disease Special Report

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Neurology Reviews presents its third annual Rare Neurological Disease Special Report, a compendium of articles and information covering a wide range of rare neurologic diseases. CNF is committed to the awareness and education of these rare conditions as evidenced by its newly-convened RARE Child Neurology Workgroup – a collaborative workgroup with Global Genes®.

On page 51 of the report, you’ll find an article on Creatine Transport Deficiency Disorder, a rare disease with a neurologic component, authored by Simona Bianconi, MD, a staff clinician at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) at the National Institutes of Health. On page 50 (see below) you’ll see a graphical depiction of the CNF 2017 Program Priorities.

CNF is thrilled to have worked with two of our Corporate Advisory Board members – Neurology Reviews and Lumos – on the development of this important report.