Be Brave. Be Fierce. Be Mighty: Pediatric Stroke Warriors
Be Brave. Be Fierce. Be Mighty: Pediatric Stroke Warriors

Child Neurology Foundation is excited to share an exceptional resource, developed for families, by our partners at Pediatric Stroke Warriors.

For some, the very thought of a child having a stroke is new. Most often we associate stroke with adults, so its usually a challenge to understand that a stroke happens among children of all ages. For hundreds of families each year, this diagnosis becomes a reality.

With limited information and resources about stroke in children, many families will take to the internet. The internet is great tool, but finding sound meaningful information regarding children and stroke requires more caution.

The leadership team at Pediatric Stroke Warriors — dedicated parents, professionals, and a medical advisory committee have worked together to bring a comprehensive resource into the hands of families and medical professionals working with children.

The Pediatric Stroke Warriors Family Toolkit is intended to give guidance on how to navigate the journey after a child has experienced a stroke and addresses important topics such as:​

  • What to expect during acute hospital recovery and long term therapy
  • Organizations, resources and websites specific to Pediatric Stroke
  • Directory of common medical professionals and terminology
  • Personal stories and words of advice from parents and survivors
  • Recognition and types of stroke in the pediatric population

This Toolkit has been made accessible online to download and hard copies are available at no charge for individuals, physicians and hospitals. The information is applicable to both impacted families and medical professionals.

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