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CNF’s Internal Response to COVID-19

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In addition to offering support and guidance to our community in the time of COVID-19, we also want to share an update of how CNF is approaching COVID-19 as a team.

In an average year, CNF staff are busy attending conferences, meeting with partners and funders, and planning face-to-face events that bring together the stakeholders in our community to solve some of the biggest problems facing the child neurology community. Over the past month, some of this has begun to change. We’ve had to cancel in-person meetings to take them online, and we’ve started to look ahead to the rest of our year with the lens of, “how can we do things differently?”

At CNF, we pride ourselves on being responsive and innovative; and always moving forward. In some cases, we will be pushing meetings to the coming months with our *fingers crossed*. But we’re also having conversations about possibility and the opportunity to shake up the status quo. What does it mean to have an incredible and engaging online meeting? If less of our budget is going towards travel, how can we shift that to creating more high-quality online content? What are some innovative approaches to building partnerships, and having meaningful and creative conversations, without face-to-face contact?

While these questions will help us to navigate the rest of 2020, we’re also excited for the lessons learned, and how they will drive CNF to change the way we work in years ahead. CNF advocates for a more connected child neurology community, and we will identify solutions to ensure that connectivity is not only maintained, but deepened in these unprecedented times.

Have you had a great experience gathering online? We’d love to hear about it! You can send us a shout out on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), or write us an email at

Did you know that CNF is a mostly remote team? While we have offices in Lexington, KY and staff who occasionally work out the American Academy of Neurology headquarters in Minneapolis, MN, we also work with staff and contractors in Florida, Texas, California, Washington DC, and Vancouver, Canada. The child neurology community has no borders. Neither do we.