Collaborative Peer Support Work Group

Gaining insight into peer support: The needs of the child neurology community

The Case for Peer Support – Role of Social Connections & Support

Human beings are more effective and happier when they have someone

  • they can talk to about personal matters
  • who cares about them
  • who can help them when they need help

Did you know?

The risk of death associated with social isolation is greater than the risk associated with cigarette smoking.*

*House, Landis & Umberson. Science, 1988 241: 540-544; Holt-Lunstad, Smith & Layton PLOSMedicine, 2010, 7: July e1000316 ; Harlow, HF & Harlow M (1966) Learning to love. American Scientist 54: 244-272.

CNF acknowledges the tremendous opportunity to serve caregivers through our peer support program Family Support & Empowerment Program.

CNF was awarded a Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) grant to convene a multi-stakeholder Work Group aimed at assessing the strengths and gaps of peer support in the larger child neurology community. Dubbed the Collaborative Peer Support Work Group, these partners join together to lend their insights and identify solutions for the entire community!

Collaborative Peer Support Work Group members include:

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Since it’s launch the Work Group participated in qualitative needs assessment, and was briefed on current literature review on peer support. These findings form the basis for the Work Group’s subsequent priorities:

  1. Need to establish a clear, shared definition of peer support
  2. Coordinate resources & expertise to augment organization-focus peer support to community-based peer support services
  3. Create greater awareness of the evidence-based practice, and legitimacy of peer support (i.e. engage with referral sources)
  4. Provide technical assistance in peer support program design/ management, training, and on-going mentorship

Learn more about the Work Group’s latest discussion and priorities, here.

CNF remains grateful to be able to convene the Collaborative Peer Support Work Group.

Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration….wonderful things can be achieved.
-Mattie Stepanek