Getting to Know the CNF Team – Anup Patel, MD
Getting to Know the CNF Team – Anup Patel, MD

Welcome back to our weekly interview series! Each week, we share an interview with a member of the CNF community. Today, we’re highlighting the work of Anup Patel, a physician who sits on our Board of Directors.

A photo of Dr. Anup Patel

Dr. Anup Patel

Tell us what you do in your day job 

I am the section chief of neurology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and an associate professor of neurology and pediatrics at the Ohio State University College of Medicine.  I am the director of quality improvement and epilepsy. I do a lot of clinical research and have grants. Clinically, I see patients with treatment resistant non-surgical epilepsy, perform intraoperative monitoring, read inpatient and outpatient EEGs, read long term video EEGs, perform service on the epilepsy monitoring unit, general neurology service, and staff resident/fellow clinic.   



If you weren’t a neurologist, what would you have been instead? 

The only job I have ever wanted other than my current job is to be a left handed pitcher for the Cleveland Indians. 

What about CNF’s impact inspires you to be an active CNF board member? 

I believe in what CNF wants to accomplish in regards to helping children and their families battle neurological illness.   

What’s your favorite thing to tell people about CNF? 

CNF is the only patient advocacy group founded and governed by physicians. 

What made you decide to join the CNF Board of Directors? 

I really was inspired and impressed with on how the CNF brings people and groups together. 

Which CNF Core Value do you identify with the most? (Integrity, Collaboration, Stewardship, Professionalism) 

Collaboration:  We work humbly, to identify and understand the urgencies and challenges facing our shared community; we know that they cannot be overcome alone. Whenever possible, we earnestly collaborate on the actions, programs, and initiatives we engage. We want to go farther, so we go together. 

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