Special Needs Athletes Have a Blast Playing With University Of Denver Lacrosse Team
Special Needs Athletes Have a Blast Playing With University Of Denver Lacrosse Team

When you think of being part of a team, what do you think of? Hard work? Effort? Commitment? Andrew Goodspeed joined a lacrosse team in Colorado where he loved all of those things. This was Unified Lacrosse, created by Cherry Creek High lacrosse player Griffin Gharrity.

Andrew loved being part of this team because they did what was in the name. They played lacrosse as a unified group of friends. Andrew has Down syndrome, but that didn’t stop him. No one on the team cared either because they were all there to make friendships and play a sport they loved.

There was a University of Denver game that Unified went to watch, and they got to take the field at half-time for a little scrimmage. The Denver players were so encouraging to Unified, especially to Andrew, as they took the field and played.

What’s really cool is how happy it makes his mom, Susie. She loves to go watch her son play with the team that accepts him unconditionally. Susie cheered on her son from the stands and admitted that he’s a polite ball hog, yelling “Thank you” to anyone who passed him the ball.

These are the moment that make life worthwhile and make happiness and friendships spread, just like it did for Andrew and his one team, one community, one heart.

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