Welcome To The Board – Dr. Carol Macmillan
Welcome To The Board – Dr. Carol Macmillan

Dr. Carol Macmillan is a graduate of McMaster University Medical School and completed her residencies in Pediatrics and Pediatric Neurology at the Montreal Children’s Hospital and the Montreal Neurologic Institute. She has been an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Chicago since 2008 and specializes in the neurologic care of children with epilepsy, developmental delay, autism, and neurogenetic disorders. She has a particular interest in providing specialty neurologic care to children with complex, lifelong medical conditions, such as those resulting from neurogenetic disorders, abuse, or trauma. Dr. Macmillan’s research interests include autism, epilepsy, and developmental delay.

She joined the Child Neurology Foundation’s Board in October 2021.

We asked Dr. Macmillan  a few questions about her career and her interest in working with CNF for our latest “Getting To Know CNF” post.

Why did you become a child neurologist?
I became a Child Neurologist after an inspiring rotation in Child Neurology with Dr Gordon Watters at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.  

What is your specialty/sub-specialty area?
I am a General Pediatric Neurologist with an interest in providing specialty neurologic care to children with complex medical disorders. 

Why did you want to join CNF’s BOD?
I wanted to join the CNF’s BOD in order to engage with the CNF’s mission to help more children and families living with neurologic disorders receive the best quality of care. 

What inspires you/provides you hope about the future of the Child Neurology field?
I am awed by the explosion in genetic diagnostics in the last few years; so many of the families that I care for have received a specific diagnosis for their child. I think that this is just the beginning of a new time with even better diagnostics and hopefully the potential for new treatments. 

What inspires you/provides hope when you think about children who are living with a neurologic condition?
I am always humbled and inspired by the families of the children that I care for.

Tell us about a hobby or something most wouldn’t know about you.
I love to hike. 

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