Experiencing Grief During COVID-19
Experiencing Grief During COVID-19

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Experiencing Grief During COVID-19

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For some families, COVID-19 is adding a layer to their grief – regardless of when their loss occurred.

Stay-at-home requirements and social distancing may mean missed doctors appointments and less time with friends and family. The distractions of everyday tasks and daily interactions have changed or, on the flip side, it can be more challenging to find quiet time to reflect and engage in self-care with spouses and children home all day. All of this means that COVID-19 has changed how grief is experienced for many families.

To discuss this issue, CNF brought together three experts: Mary Duffy, with the Danny Did Foundation, Bereavement Coordinator Nancy Carst with Akron Children’s Hospital and parent Jennifer Sime who lost her 19-year-old son to SUDEP.

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