Child Neurology 101

Child Neurology 101

Living with a Neurologic Disorder

The Child Neurology Foundation is a nonprofit patient advocacy organization. CNF’s mission is to serve as a collaborative center of education, resources, and support for children with neurologic conditions and their families. CNF also helps facilitate connections with medical professionals who care for them.

This page gives background information about child neurology. In addition, it provides an overview of resources that are available in Spanish for caregivers.

What is a Neurologic Condition?

A neurologic disorder is caused by a dysfunction in the brain or nervous system (i.e. spinal cord and nerves). This dysfunction can result in physical and psychological symptoms. – Learn More

What is a Child Neurologist?

Pediatric or child neurologists are specially-trained physicians who have followed up their four-year medical school education with a five-year post-graduate training regimen consisting of two years of training in pediatrics, one year of training in general neurology, and two years of training in pediatric neurology. – Learn more 

Preparing for Your Doctor’s Visit

Guidance and tips for your visit with a healthcare provider – Learn More

Searching for a Diagnosis

The process leading to a diagnosis for a child’s condition is not always an easy one. CNF provides credible resources and information to guide you along this journey.  – Learn More

Support for Patients & Caregivers

Guidance and support for patients and families living with a neurologic condition. – Learn More

Additional Resources

What is a Neurologic Condition? | What is a Child Neurologist?  | Preparing for Your Doctor’s Visit |
Searching for a Diagnosis | Support for Patients & Caregivers

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