Preparing for Your Doctor’s Visit

Preparing for Your Doctor’s Visit

Preparing for Your Doctor’s Visit

At a doctor’s appointment, you may feel overwhelmed by concern, fear, and anxiety. This is normal. Caregivers are often unable to recall much of what the doctor said. However, it is important to understand the specifics of your child’s diagnosis.

Keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions to learn about the needs of your child. Bring a list of questions with you.
  • Bring photos or videos of your child’s symptoms.
  • Take another family member or support person with you.
  • If you need translation, interpretation, or other communication support, make this known when scheduling your appointment. That way, appropriate arrangements can be made.
  • Ask for any written information about the diagnosis (including medical details). Read this when you get home.
  • Ask the practitioner to explain information to other family members. This will allow you to discuss it further at home.
  • Ask for information about how the diagnosis will affect your child and your day-to-day lives. Ask about services that can help.
  • Arrange for a next appointment with your child neurologist. This will give you an opportunity to ask further questions once you have digested the information.
  • Take time to process the information given to you.

Prepare for Your First Visit to a Neurologist

Use this toolkit to help prepare for an initial visit with a child neurologist:

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