Endorsement Policy and Procedures

Endorsement Policy and Procedures
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The Child Neurology Foundation’s (CNF) mission is to serve as a collaborative center of education and support for all children and families living with neurologic conditions. To uphold the value and integrity of the CNF as it works to fulfill its mission, the CNF Board of Directors developed criteria and operational procedures to ensure that all activities and materials associated with the CNF are of the highest quality. This document outlines CNF’s standards for endorsement and the procedure that the CNF will follow to review and approve endorsement requests.

“Endorsement” is defined as the use of the CNF’s name or logo by a third party in relation to educational meetings/programs or patient-education materials that have been vetted and approved by the CNF, according to this policy and the below process. The CNF will provide endorsement to third parties only for educational meetings/programs or patient-education materials that support the mission of the CNF, are consistent with the CNF’s organizational values, and follow this policy.

The CNF will only consider requests related to specific initiatives; organizations (as a whole) and products are not endorsed by the CNF. Endorsement is generally limited to activities developed by non-profit organizations, but requests from individuals and other organizations will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Requests should not conflict with the CNF’s mission and goals or with the programs and materials offered by the CNF. The CNF reserves the right to decline any request for endorsement, at its discretion, without explanation.

CNF Endorsement Review

Type of Program/Material

Action Required

1) Program/Materials developed independently from the CNF

Requesting organization must complete the Endorsement Application.

2) Program/Materials developed in collaboration with the CNF

CNF project liaison reviews during development. Requesting organization may be asked to complete Endorsement Application, at the CNF’s discretion.

Endorsement Approval: If CNF endorsement is granted, it will be valid as of the approval date and only for the current version of the endorsed program or materials. All future changes or revisions to the endorsed meeting or materials require re-submission to the CNF for review.

Attachment for Submission: Endorsement Application


  • Completed applications must be received the first Thursday of each month by 9am EST to be considered for that month’s review.
  • Once a completed application is received, it will be submitted to CNF internal expertise bodies for review, as appropriate, and finally CNF’s Content Review Committee for final approval. If needed, CNF’s Board of Directors will review. A determination will be given in 6-8 weeks from date of submission.


  • All materials must be submitted in English.
  • All materials must be reviewed and approved by the CNF prior to promotion, printing, and/or distribution.

Contact and Submission: Allyson Eyermann, Operations Administrator at [email protected].

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