Ways to support siblings during COVID-19
Ways to support siblings during COVID-19

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Ways to support siblings during COVID-19

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Sibling relationships are a wonderful part of family life, but it’s normal for those relationships to face challenges at times. With the added stresses of COVID-19, for example, families may find themselves having to adjust to new dynamics with siblings confined at home together or relying on each other more than usual.

We hosted a conversation between two experts about the ways to support siblings of children with neurologic conditions during times like these.

Dr. Jill Emanuele, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and senior director of the Mood Disorders Center at the Child Mind Institute and Dr. Al Freedman, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and father to a couple children, one of whom has a neuromuscular disease called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). The candid chat was facilitated by Brad Thompson, one of our peer support specialists.

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