Rise and Rising Tides Grants

To help support families and organizations during COVID-19, beginning May 1st, CNF will start distributing $100,000 directly into the child neurology community.

This will include an expansion of our RISE Family Grant portfolio to include all families of children with neurologic conditions.
Like individuals, many advocacy organizations across the child neurology community have been heavily impacted by COVID-19.

Standing in CNF’s belief that Rising Tides Lift All Boats, we would also like to announce our RISING TIDES GRANTS.

RISE Family Grants
To support families, we are greatly expanding our existing RISE Family Grants, offering 50 $1,000 awards to families living with a pediatric neurologic condition. The grant application has been shortened and the review process will be expedited to get the funds out to families as quickly as possible. Applications for this first round of RISE Family Grants are open from 9 am ET on May 1st until 5 pm PT on May 15th.

Apply for a RISE Family Grant!

To support our peers and help keep every aspect of our ecosystem healthy, on May 1st we’re inaugurating a new program, the RISING TIDES Grants, to provide direct financial assistance to peer organizations that need support. These will be $10,000 awards given to 5 organizations. The application process will be concise, with an expedited review process. These grants are open to pediatric neurology focused 501c3 organizations. Applications for this first round of RISING TIDES Grants will be open from 9 am ET on May 1st until 5pm PT on May 15th.

Apply for a RISING TIDES Grant!


CNF’s plan is to continue to raise funds to provide funding to organizations and families throughout the rest of the year.

Stay tuned, as we raise more funds – we will move the money straight out to our community. We are in this together.


If you’d like to be a rising tide to help lift up the child neurology community, please reach out to the Child Neurology Foundation at info@childneurologyfoundation.org.

Huge thanks to CNF’s COVID-19 Resource Partners Eisai, Mallinckrodt, and Upsher-Smith for enabling us to offer $100,000 in funding to the child neurology community.