CNN Announces Hero of The Year
CNN Announces Hero of The Year

Nobody’s perfect. We all have things about ourselves we wish we could change. For activist Jeison Aristizábal, having cerebral palsy, made life more challenging but he never let it stop him. He was even told by doctors as a 3-year-old that he wouldn’t be able to do much of anything, so he took his disability and used it as motivation to push himself.

As a child, Aristizábal had to deal with the struggles of having a disability along with any problems in school with the other kids. Now being 33, Aristizábal has used his struggles to help other kids with disabilities.
Aristizábal is from Aguablanca in Cali, Colombia, which is one of Cali’s poorest districts. That’s where he helped kids with disabilities since they lacked resources to live a more full life.
Because of everything he has done to help these kids, he was voted CNN’s Hero of the Year.

Aristizábal gave a speech following the award presentation with touching words that moved the audience. He was so honored to win receive the award along with $100,000 to keep helping disabled youth in Colombia.
It’s amazing to see someone can continue to focus on positives and change something big in the world.

We are so inspired by stories like this.

Watch Jeison Aristizábal’s amazing story below.

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