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Apply Now for CNF Family Grants

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October 23, 2018

Dear CNF Partners,

In 2014, the Harnett Grant was founded by Mr. Michael Harnett, as an enduring memorial to his nephew, Brendan Michael Harnett. Brendan was diagnosed with infantile spasms and passed away before his first birthday.

The Child Neurology Foundation gratefully partners with the Harnett family again this year to honor Brendan through the offering of one $1,000 grant to assist families living with infantile spasms.

 In addition, CNF proudly introduces the 2018 RISE Family Grants. This year, with support from our   Infantile Spasms Action Network (ISAN) partners, CNF is offering five $1,000 grants to families   living with infantile spasms. RISE Family Grants are offered with support from our ISAN partners

The Harnett and RISE Family Grants are intended to help families by offsetting expenses that may only be partially covered by insurance (or not covered at all). In the past, families have utilized these grants for items such as durable medical equipment, assistive technology, therapy services, and respite care.
Six families will be chosen at random. Applications are due November 9.
Selected families will be notified in advance of Infantile Spasms Awareness Week, December 1-7, 2018.