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Neurology Social Services Network
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The Neurology Social Services Network (NSSN) was launched by CNF in 2022 to help patient advocacy organizations refer families to local service organizations to address social determinants of health. Some examples of services for families include access to food shelves, transportation assistance, and housing assistance. The program also tracks the outcomes of those referrals, measures the impact of organizational programs, and collaboratively aggregates data about how patient advocacy organizations are making an impact.

“We’ve heard directly from families in our network that they are struggling to find resources that are available to them,” said CNF Executive Director and CEO, Amy Brin. “CNF, through the Neurology Social Services Network, is working to connect those families to resources. “

About the Neurology Social Services Network

What is the Neurology Social Services Network (NSSN)?

The NSSN is the Neurology Social Services Network. It is a group of organizations in the neurology community that have come together to find families the social services and emotional supports they need. Members of the NSSN can refer families to each other and to social service organizations.  

Why did the Child Neurology Foundation create the Neurology Social Services Network (NSSN)?

We saw that families in our neurology community were struggling with basic social services. We also heard from family support specialists that they were having a hard time finding these social services for families. So, we needed a way to connect families to resources quickly and take the burden off the family so they could thrive, not just survive.  

What is the goal of the Neurology Social Services Network (NSSN)?

The goal of the NSSN is to advocate on behalf of our families for the social services they need. Our families are struggling with much more than basic medical needs. Due to healthcare becoming increasingly expensive, our families are struggling to have their basic needs met. We can help with hundreds of services including, but not limited to, transportation, financial assistance, utility bill payment, respite care, employment, housing, and so much more. Once we find out what our families need, we can use that de-identified data to advocate for our families at the local and federal levels.  

Who can join the Neurology Social Services Network (NSSN)?

Any 501(c)(3) in the neurology community can join the NSSN for free. 


What are the benefits of joining the NSSN?

Here are some benefits of joining the NSSN: 

You will get to learn about other organizations in the neurology community and the programs they provide. This collaborative has helped organizations find resources for their families that they didn’t know existed.

Family Support
You will be able to connect families to social services without having to search the web for resources across the country from your location. All social services are located within one platform.

You will get de-identified data on the social services that your community needs and de-identified data on the social services that our neurology community needs as a whole.

Your organization will be part of a larger group that can advocate together at the local and policy level to make a bigger impact than if you were working alone. After all, “rising tides lift all boats.”


Is there a cost for participation?

No, there is no cost to be a part of the Neurology Social Services Network. The Child Neurology Foundation has paid for all costs associated with being in the NSSN.  

Do you use information from our families to solicit?

Absolutely NOT! We do not have access to any of your personal data and you do not have access to ours. We believe in 100% confidentiality.  

How do families get connected to social services?

CNF has partnered with Unite Us. Unite Us is a technology company that builds coordinated care networks of health and social service providers. With Unite Us, providers across sectors can send and receive secure electronic referrals, track every person’s total health journey, and report on tangible outcomes across a full range of services in a centralized, cohesive, and collaborative ecosystem. Unite Us’ dedicated team builds authentic, lasting partnerships with local organizations to ensure their networks have a solid foundation, launch successfully, and continue to grow and thrive. This HITRUST certified social care infrastructure helps communities transform their ability to work together and measure impact at scale. Follow Unite Us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

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