Resources for Young People with Neurologic Conditions and their Caregivers

Resources for Young People with Neurologic Conditions and their Caregivers

The 8 Common Principles of Transition of Care are: 

  • Expectation of Transition
  • Yearly Self-Management Assessment 
  • Annual Discussion of Medical Condition and Age-Appropriate Concerns 
  • Evaluation of Legal Competency 
  • Annual Review of Transition Plan of Care 
  • Child Neurology Team Responsibilities 
  • Identification of Adult Provider 
  • Transfer Complete 

Click below to find out more about these steps and to find downloadable tools for you and your provider to use in practice to help guide your transition. 

Each tool is available individually in English below:

  1. Transition Package Cover Page
  2. Transitions Checklist
  3. Self-Care Assessment (Parents/Caregivers)
  4. Self-Care Assessment (Youth/Young Adults)
  5. Plan of Care
  6. Medical Summary

Or download a copy of the full Transition of Care Toolkit here.

En español:

  1. Paquete de las Transiciones
  2. Lista de Control de las Transiciones
  3. Evaluación del Cuidado Personal Padres/Cuidadores
  4. Evaluación del Cuidado Personal Menores/Adultos Jóvenes
  5. Plan de Cuidado
  6. Resumen Médico

Or download a copy of the full Spanish version of the Transition of Care Toolkit here.

We are grateful to have many partners in this project. Below are resources developed by our external partners to empower young adults and their caregivers during their transitions of care. 


This work would be impossible without the generous support of CNF’s 2022 partners in Transitions of Care: Acadia, Eisai, Genentech, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Ultragenyx, and Zogenix (now a part of UCB).

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