There are more than 400 known pediatric neurologic diseases. One in four children in the US lives with a neurologic diagnosis. Yet there is only one child neurologist for every 10,000 children diagnosed and an average appointment wait time of 9 weeks. These alarming statistics speak to a grave reality.


Established in 2001, the Child Neurology Foundation (CNF) 501c(3) is a national nonprofit organization that works through advocacy, research, and educational initiatives to ensure optimal care for all children living with a neurologic disease.  CNF’S Mission In Action is to advocate for children and adolescents with neurologic disorders, fund research awards that advance treatments and cures for pediatric neurologic diseases, advocate for the recruitment of physicians in the field of child neurology, and provide families and caregivers with the educational information and resources necessary to access quality health care.


  • CNF has awarded over 3.3 million dollars to the research endeavors of 65 younginvestigators, aimed at identifying treatments and cures for pediatric neurologic diseases.
  • CNF has awarded scholarships to over 60 first- and second-year medical students interested in pediatric neurology. The scholarship program facilitates summer internships in the field for these future child neurologists.
  • CNF is leading a national, interdisciplinary expert panel to define the neurologist’s role in transitioning youth with neurologic conditions into the adult health care system. CNF’s formidable consensus paper due for publication in 2015 addresses a significant chasm in clinical practice with less than 50% of US youth currently receiving transition services.
  • CNF’s collaboration with MediKidz to publish the comic book—MediKidz Explains Epilepsy—has produced a remarkable resource for children living with the disease.
  • CNF provides financial assistance for families through the establishment of such initiatives as The Brendan Michael Harnett Mini-Grant Program, a memorial fund established to subsidize the cost of medical devices and therapies—not otherwise covered by insurance—for children living with infantile spasms.
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