Brendan Michael Harnett Infantile Spasms Mini-Grant

Meet Brendan Harnett

BABYBrendan’s story was one of courage, determination, dignity, grace, and love.

Brendan Michael Harnett fought to conquer his neurological spasms for nine months before God called him home. During his life he had a profound impact on his family, his medical team, and the countless number of people who knew his story and who prayed for him. Brendan briefly made the news on CNN during Hurricane Sandy when he was evacuated, along with his nurses, to another hospital from NYU. The spasms, medication, and time spent in multiple hospitals took its toll on his body when he passed away unexpectedly at an infant’s rehab hospital in New York. While Brendan may have had his “fifteen seconds of fame” on CNN, his real moment of fame came after his passing.  Brendan’s heart valve was generously donated by his parents to save the life of another child. Today, that child’s family rejoices in the same way that Brendan’s family rejoiced when he was born.

Although Brendan’s life on earth was brief, the impact he had and the love he shared continues to grow.  In keeping with the selfless generosity of his life and the example set by Brendan’s parents, this fund is being created to help other families whose children have similar neurological difficulties where insurance coverage is not available to cover medical expenses. We believe our lives have purpose on many levels and one purpose of Brendan’s life was to raise awareness and assistance for children with neurological issues. It is always true that one rare and exceptional deed is worth a thousand commonplace ones.


Applications for the 2017 Harnett Mini-Grant are now being accepted (September 1 – October 15)

In January 2014, the Harnett Mini-Grant was founded by Mr. Michael Harnett, as an enduring memorial to his nephew, Brendan Michael Harnett. Brendan was was diagnosed with infantile spasms and passed away before his first birthday. Each year, as part of Infantile Spasms Awareness Week (ISAW), CNF is proud to partner with the Harnett family to offer one $1000 grant to assist a family with a child diagnosed with infantile spasms.

Applications for the 2017 Harnett Mini-Grant are now being accepted through October 15, 2017. This grant can be used to pay for eligible expenses not covered by insurance, including certain therapies, assistive devices, assessments, and home modifications. Please review the form below for a list of approved purchases. There are “OTHER” fields to list additional proposed expenses.

Applications will be reviewed and the recipient family will be notified, then announced, during ISAW (December 1-7, 2017). One $1000 mini-grant will be awarded. For tax purposes, payment will be made via check to the recipient when all required paperwork is received, including a mini-grant recipient form and a W9.

Please contact Allyson Eyermann, Executive Administrative Assistant at or 612.928.6325 with any questions.