Teacher Uses Puppetry and Filmmaking to Engage Students With Neurological Differences

Felt. Googly eyes. Socks. Pipe cleaners. Imagination. Sound familiar yet? Puppets! Patrick Waters, a teacher of special needs students, found that using these fun little…

CNN Announces Hero of The Year

Nobody’s perfect. We all have things about ourselves we wish we could change. For activist Jeison Aristizábal, having cerebral palsy, made life more challenging but he…

Life Happens at 3am

As soon as you become a mom life is no longer lived before bedtime. Pregnancy is the preparation for sleepless nights. That growing baby and…

Special Needs Athletes Have a Blast Playing With University Of Denver Lacrosse Team

When you think of being part of a team, what do you think of? Hard work? Effort? Commitment? Andrew Goodspeed joined a lacrosse team in…

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