5 Tips for Your First Child Neurologist Visit
5 Tips for Your First Child Neurologist Visit

While it might feel like a relief to finally have a referral for a child neurologist after what could have been a months-, or years-long, journey we know that the first appointment can feel intimidating.  

But it doesn’t have to. Based on our experience working with both families and physicians, we’ve learned what it takes to make that first visit as beneficial as possible. You can download the full Child Neurologist New Visit Toolkit from our website, but here are five quick tips of how to prepare for your first visit with a child neurologist.

  1. Bring everything. If you think it might be helpful for the doctor to see, bring it. This could include notes from any previous visits to a primary care physician or ER doctor; videos of relevant seizures, movements or other behaviors; copies of test results or assessments; journal entries you have of symptoms; family history documents; or whatever else you have on record that support the concerns you have for your child. 
  2. Set a primary goal for your visit. Are you hoping for a diagnosis? A treatment plan, med adjustment? Whatever is top of mind for you and your family, make sure you are able to articulate what your child needs. 
  3. Relay everything. Unfortunately, many parents have experienced the pain of having their concerns dismissed by previous doctors. But this is your time to share everything with a specialist, so take advantage of it, and be fully honest about what your child has been experiencing. 
  4. Bring another adult. If you plan to be the key speaker at the appointment, bring another adult who can help take notes. This will allow you to be fully engaged in the conversation with the doctor, but also leave with a written record of anything you might forget. 
  5. If possible, let your child be involved. If they’re able to verbally communicate and describe their own symptoms, prepare them to be an active participant in the conversation with the doctor. This will help your child feel involved in the process and gives them skills to advocate for themselves. 

Whatever you’re feeling as you head into your first visit with a neurologist, we want to help you enter it with confidence so that you can make the most of it. Download our Child Neurologist New Visit Toolkit to fully prepare for the visit. 

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