Championing the Next Wave of Innovators in Child Neurology: Insights from Our Scholars
Championing the Next Wave of Innovators in Child Neurology: Insights from Our Scholars

The Child Neurology Foundation (CNF) prides itself on empowering aspiring medical professionals through the Dr. Kenneth F. Swaiman Medical Student Scholarship and the Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (NDD) Summer Research Scholarship. These initiatives not only honor the pioneering work of esteemed professionals in the field but also lay a foundation for medical students to explore, innovate, and contribute significantly to child neurology and neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Child Neurology Foundation Summer Scholarships (1)

Applications for the 2024 Swaiman Scholarship are currently closed. Confirmation of receipt will be sent to all applicants. If confirmation is not received within 2 business days, please call Nyechi Oleka at 859.551.4986. Applications will be reviewed by a committee of child neurology faculty. All applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision by May 17.

For more details on the application process, reach out to Nyechi Oleka, CNF Programs Coordinator, at [email protected]

These scholarships offer more than financial assistance—they are vital stepping stones for scholars keen on exploring the complexities of neurology and neurodevelopment. The application process encourages a detailed exploration of proposed research, underscored by mentorship, ensuring candidates are primed for their investigative journey.

Past recipients’ journeys are a testament to the scholarships’ impact, fostering a new generation of clinicians and researchers poised to advance the field. Tracy De Los Santos’s project on improving care for individuals with disabilities exemplifies the innovative spirit these scholarships aim to nurture. “We hope to address this issue by establishing an elective course about caring for individuals with disabilities that we hope to eventually have incorporated into the iExplore curriculum at the University of California, Davis School of Medicine,” she explains, highlighting the initiative’s broader implications on medical education and patient care.

The Dr. Kenneth F. Swaiman Medical Student Scholarship: A Journey of Discovery

“I am incredibly thankful to the Child Neurology Foundation for the opportunity to partner this summer, to learn from my mentor Dr. Zachary Grinspan, and to work together towards our common goal of improving outcomes for children with neurological conditions.,” shares Ashwin Mahesh, a 2023 Swaiman Scholarship recipient.

Child Neurology Foundation 2023 Swaiman Scholarship Recipient Ashwin Mahesh

Ashwin Mahesh
2023 Swaiman Scholarship recipient

The NDD Summer Research Scholarship: Advancing Neurodevelopmental Care

Erin Hendry, awarded the 2023 NDD Scholarship, recounts her transformative experience: “This summer, with the support of the Child Neurology Foundation’s Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Summer Research Scholarship, I worked under the mentorship of Dr. Jennifer Vermilion on a project examining anxiety in youths with Chronic Tic Disorders (CTDs). The project, Anxiety Phenotype and Functional Impact in Youth with Chronic Tic Disorders, aims to develop a better understanding of the phenotype of anxiety in youths with CTDs such as Tourette’s Syndrome.”

Child Neurology Foundation 2023 NDD Scholarship Erin Hendry

Erin Hendry
2023 NDD Scholarship recipient

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