CNF Core Values
CNF Core Values

If you’ve visited CNF’s About Us page before, you’ve probably read our Mission and Vision Statements.

Our Vision: A world in which all children affected by neurologic disorders reach their full potential.

Our Mission: To serve as a collaborative center of education and support for caregivers and their children with neurologic conditions.

These have served us well in guiding our first 18 years. But recently, it became clear that we needed more. CNF is in a period of expansion, and we want that expansion to be intentional, thoughtful, and in line with the values of the larger child neurology community. With the guidance of our Executive Director and CEO, Amy Brin, this past year saw our Board of Directors asking the questions – What really guides us? How do we want to build relationships in our community? How do we want the world to see CNF’s work?

These are the types of questions that helped CNF’s Core Values begin to take shape.

After months of brainstorming, and meaningful conversation with our team, we were able to distil our drivers into four main Core Values to guide our work at CNF as we grow over the years to come.

We treat others as they would want to be treated. We are collegial and respectful in our professional relationships. We are dedicated to expanding our knowledge, being innovative, and understanding the perspectives of others. We honor and respect difference and diversity in all its forms.
We strive to exhibit excellence in our work.

We are accountable for our commitments and our actions. We are committed to ensuring the interests of the children and families we serve come first. We promote honesty and transparency in our relationships with each other and our collaborators.

We work humbly, to identify and understand the urgencies and challenges facing our shared community; we know that they cannot be overcome alone. Whenever possible, we earnestly collaborate on the actions, programs, and initiatives we engage. We want to go farther, so we go together.

We are committed to being good listeners and to act in responsive service to the needs of the child neurology community. We are respectful stewards of the relationships and stories shared with us. We are empathetic, compassionate, and positive.

These Core Values will guide everything from our partnerships to our programmatic offerings as we grow, and we know that they will help us to make CNF stronger and better able to serve our community.

Keep your eyes on our blog and social media channels for future posts exploring what these values mean to CNF staff and our Board of Directors.

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