Updated CNF Mission Elevates Support for Medical Professionals  
Updated CNF Mission Elevates Support for Medical Professionals  

Our 20th anniversary this year brings an exciting update to our mission and an added focus on supporting medical professionals as we seek to help children and families get the best quality of care possible.    

OUR MISSION: To serve as a collaborative center of education, resources, and support for children and their families living with neurologic conditions, and facilitate connection with medical professionals who care for them.

The Child Neurology Foundation is known for tackling complex issues head-on by convening stakeholders from around the child neurology community, including neurologists and nurses. Our updated mission aligns with our vision for a world in which all children affected by neurologic disorders reach their full potential.  

This update also further reinforces our commitment to medical professionals, acknowledging the critical role they play in achieving the vision.    

“Medical professionals are an integral part of the child neurology community and our mission,” said Amy Brin, Executive Director and CEO of the Child Neurology Foundation. “They are the unsung heroes, the ones working day-in and day-out to help children and families navigate the healthcare system and make informed decisions during their diagnostic journey. We felt it was time to solidify our commitment to them.”    

The change comes after our Board of Directors and the Presidential Line, along with the Executive Director of the Child Neurology Society, unanimously approved the revised mission this summer, in a move to reaffirm the need to work in lock step to overcome the systemic issues facing the child neurology community.    

“We are thrilled,” said Dr. Phillip Pearl, President of the Child Neurology Society. “CNF has brought the medical community to the table time and again to address the challenges we face in getting these children the care they need. And I want to thank Dr. Pomeroy for his leadership through this as we worked to get the revised mission solidified. I am so proud of the relationship we’ve built, and I am excited to see what we can accomplish together.”   

With the update, we are ramping up our data gathering and communication with medical professionals, and focus on developing education, resources, and support on topics that highlight the interconnectedness and importance of the relationship between healthcare professionals, patients, and their caregivers.    

“This is a historic moment, and the child neurology community as a whole will benefit from it. We are so excited to dig in and get to work,” said Brin

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