Social Media Toolkit – DIY

Social Media Toolkit – DIY
Child Neurology Foundation Be Heard Be Seen DIY

Welcome to the CNF DIY Fundraising Social Media Toolkit.

Your Ultimate Resource for Amplifying Your Impact!

Are you ready to take your DIY fundraising efforts to the next level? This toolkit is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to harness the power of social media for your cause.

At a glance!

Feel free download our CNF graphics for your social media, copy our template text to use for your posts and be sure to check out the Fundraising Essentials Bundle AND Event Planning Bundles below!
Child Neurology Foundation Plan with Purpose DIY (2)

Feel free to use any of the copy below to help shape the social media posts for YOUR fundraiser!

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Parents & Families

“As a parent, I’m fundraising to support vital research and resources for children with neurologic conditions. Join me in making a difference! #NeurologyForKids #ParentAdvocate”


Clinicians and Researchers

“I’m raising funds for groundbreaking research in pediatric neurology. Together, we can advance treatments and care for children facing neurological challenges. Join me in this mission! #MedicalResearch #ChildNeurology” 


Nonprofit Organizations and Foundations

“Our organization is dedicated to improving the lives of children with neurological conditions. Support our cause and be a part of the change. Together, we can make a real impact! #NonprofitSupport #ChildNeurology” 


Advocacy Groups

“Advocating for policies that benefit children with neurological conditions is our mission. Help us create a brighter future for these kids. Support our advocacy efforts today! #ChildAdvocacy #NeurologyAwareness”


Medical Institutions & Hospitals

“We’re committed to providing the best care for children with neurological conditions. Join us in improving facilities and acquiring essential equipment. Your support matters! #PediatricCare #ChildNeurology” 


Educational Institutions

“Support our academic programs and research projects focused on child neurology. Together, we can educate the next generation of experts and make breakthroughs in treatment. Join our cause! #NeuroEducation #ResearchInnovation” 

Support Groups & Communities

“Our support group is here for families facing the challenges of neurologic conditions. Help us provide resources and emotional support. Together, we can make a difference in these children’s lives! #SupportCommunity #ChildNeurology” 


Government & Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)

“We’re working on public health initiatives and research grants in child neurology. Support our mission for a brighter, healthier future for children with neurological conditions. Join us today! #PublicHealth #ChildNeurologyInitiatives” 


Individual Advocates & Activists 

“As an advocate for children with neurologic conditions, I’m raising funds to support awareness campaigns and research. Join me in making a positive impact on these children’s lives! #AdvocateForKids #ChildNeurology” 


Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies

“We’re dedicated to developing treatments for pediatric neurologic disorders. Your support fuels our research and development efforts. Together, we can change lives! #InnovationInNeurology #ChildHealth” 


Volunteer Groups & Service Clubs

“Our volunteer group is fundraising to support charitable organizations in child neurology. Join us in making a difference for these children and their families. Your contribution counts! #VolunteerForKids #ChildNeurology” 


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