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Genetic Testing
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Every year, the Child Neurology Foundation’s Board of Directors identifies an important Education Initiative that impacts the entire child neurology community. In 2020, this education initiative is Shortening the Diagnostic Odyssey

As part of the initiative, CNF developed an information sheet “Considering genetic testing?” to support caregivers looking for information on genetic testing as a way to help find the diagnosis for their child’s neurologic condition.   

This resource provides a brief overview of the following: 

  1. The benefits of genetic testing 
  2. The types of genetic tests for child neurology 
  3. The cost of genetic testing and how is it covered 
  4. The role of genetic counseling  

Considering genetic testing?
A guide for caregivers of children with a neurologic condition

Download a copy of the printable PDF of the guide here. 


This information sheet was shared during one-hour webinar about “The Role of Genetic Testing to Shorten the Diagnostic Odyssey which provided more in-depth information about genetic testing and the role it can play in shortening the diagnostic odyssey.

That webinar aired live on Nov. 18, 2020 and is available here. 

Additional information about genetic testing for neurologic conditions: 

Thank you to our partners for making the production of these resources possible.   

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