Child With Special Needs Gets New Service Dog
Child With Special Needs Gets New Service Dog

Everyone has had a Christmas wish to wake up on Christmas morning with a new pet. For Cruz Smith, that wish was for a dog. What makes this story different is that Cruz was diagnosed at birth with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and he was hoping for a service dog for Christmas

With the help of his parents setting up a GoFundMe account, a ton of Oklahomans including friends, family, and complete strangers all contributed money so Cruz could get a service dog. It worked.

The service dog has already immensely helped Cruz out. Cruz even named him after one of his favorite Star Wars characters, Chewie.

Cruz’s parents even say that Chewie has made a huge contribution to his life since he got the dog. Cruz will be very cautious with Chewie making sure he is fed, he is getting taken out, and sometimes he even lays in the doggy bed with him. – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |


Before Chewie, Cruz couldn’t sit still doing things like taking a tests in school. When Chewie is sitting next to him, he can focus and get his work finished.

Something like a service dog can help kids out with different disabilities and diagnoses more than some might think. They completely change their lifestyle and social life in a positive way like Chewie did for Cruz.

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