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FDA Approves Epidiolex®

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The Child Neurology Foundation is pleased with the Federal Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval Epidiolex ®, first prescription pharmaceutical formulation of highly-purified cannabidiol (CBD) and the first in its class of anti-epileptic drugs. It has been approved for the treatment of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet Syndrome – rare forms of pediatric epilepsy. Despite tremendous therapeutic innovation in recent years, many children living with epilepsy still experience regular seizures.  For parents and children alike, this is a harrowing experience. Amy Brin, CEO of the Child Neurology Foundation stated, “Families commonly voice the debilitating experience of failing anti-seizure medicines and therapies time and time again. They talk about a living with a sense of desperation as they attempt to stop their child’s seizures.” According to the World Health Organization, roughly 30% of patients with epilepsy do not respond to current treatment methods to control their seizures.

This announcement represents access to a new therapeutic option for these families that has demonstrated safety and efficacy – important considerations for all caregivers to be aware. “In our child neurology community, there is incredible discussion regarding the use of cannabis as treatment of seizures; some founded in fact, and other fueled by emotions,” Brin noted, “It’s important for caregivers to be armed with correct, credible and balanced information when making medical decisions for their child.” CNF encourages all caregivers to discuss therapeutic options with their child’s healthcare provider to ensure decisions are made reflective of the family’s goals of care and in the best interest of the child. For more caregiver-focused information, visit /disorders/epilepsy/