Getting to know the CNF team – Phillip Pearl, MD
Getting to know the CNF team – Phillip Pearl, MD

Every week, we’re sharing an interview with the a member of the CNF community, starting with our staff, Board of Directors. This week, get to know Phillip Pearl, MD, a member of CNF’s Board.

Tell us what you do in your day job.

Direct the epilepsy program (clinical, research, educational/fellowship, and advocacy) at Boston Children’s Hospital and run a course on Pediatric Leadership at Harvard Medical School.


If didn’t work in child neurology, what would you have been instead?

I’d be a jazz musician (which I do part-time anyway).

What about CNF’s impact inspires you to be an active CNF board member?

We very much need a national representative for advocacy, and CNF does it THE BEST.

What’s your favorite thing to tell people about CNF? 

This is the national source that people can turn to when lost in the challenging world for children with neurodevelopmental needs.

What made you decide to join the CNF Board of Directors? CNF is an important national organization, that should be linked very closely with the Child Neurology Society.

Which CNF Core Value do you identify with the most?

Collaboration, especially given my role as President Elect of the Child Neurology Society.

What do you love about CNF’s story?

The passion behind pediatric neurology; CNS is where it’s palpable.

You have 30 seconds to pitch Bill Gates about CNF at a conference – what do you say?
This is the organization dedicated to the invisible children, the ones with neurological and developmental diseases that affect the root of their personhood, the nervous system.




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