Join Us In Our Next 20
Join Us In Our Next 20
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Join Us For The Child Neurology Awareness Day On October 29, 2021

October 29, 2021 is the inaugural Child Neurology Awareness Day to increase understanding of childhood neurologic conditions, highlight the spectrum of support for families, and celebrate the strength of the collective community!

Learn more about Child Neurology Awareness Day and how you can participate here.

This Year, We’re Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary

And we’ve accomplished a lot with the help of you, our child neurology community, over the years, including:

Developing cutting edge technology like CHICA-CN and launching our family support program. 

Providing accessible education on hot topics like behavior management, transitions of care and genetic testing. 

Helping fund the next generation of child neurologists through grants and scholarships. 

Convening hundreds of partners from around the child neuro community to drive meaningful change. 

Because of you, each year we are able to help hundreds of thousands of children and families living with a neurologic condition, across all 50 states in the US and even internationally, get the best quality of care and achieve the highest quality of life possible. 

But… There Is So Much More To Be Done!

And because we believe that rising tides lift all boats, we know we can’t do it alone. There are millions more children and families who need help navigating life with a neurologic condition.  

From those parents and children who feel isolated and alone. Those who are struggling to find treatment options while juggling 10 specialists. Those who are having to make tough choices on where they get their next meal, let alone figure out how they also pay for their next doctor’s visit. We see you!

And we can’t forget the medical professionals who are struggling too. Trying to provide the best quality of care possible. Trying to stay up to speed on all the latest treatment options while also juggling an overwhelming number of patients with complex and sometimes rare conditions. We hear you!

Our community is hurting.  

So, we need to double down our effort and tackle these issues head on. 

And it’s clear some of these issues are systems level, systemic: 

For Our Families

From equal care regardless of your income or location, to social isolation, a lack of treatment options and support, including financial resources, telemedicine and the growing digital divide, and broader social determinants of health… 

For Our Medical Professionals

…To a lack of child neurologists, with many retiring early or burning out from the administrative responsibilities and insurance reimbursement issues that fill their days and evenings. The need for unheard of care coordination and collaboration needs across experts like neurologists, pediatricians, nurses, therapists, and more.

We are at a pivotal moment in the neurology space, with rapid advances in genetic testing and research, and millions of children and caregivers in need of answers. Add in the acceleration of telehealth and telemedicine and the growing digital divide due to the pandemic and it’s become so clear.  

The Time to Act Is Now. Will You Join Us?

So, this year, we are launching our Next 20 Campaign, to not only celebrate our 20th anniversary and those community members who provide hope and strength (#childneurostrong) to us all!

But to act and ask, will you join us in the Next 20?  

Join Us In Celebration

Nominate someone in the child neuro community who inspires you and provides hope using #childneurostrong on social media (we’ll be sure to celebrate them)!

Join Us In Raising Funds

Make a donation to our Next 20 Fund and help us: 

• Accelerate innovative research through grants, scholarships, and clinical trial training
Tackle rampant health inequities through state and federal advocacy efforts, and emergency relief
Continue to provide first-class programming and peer support for our community 

Join Us In Being A Rising Tide

It will take all of us, working collaboratively together to over come these issues. And these are more than words to us. 

So if you step up and join us, we pledge to work together and overcome the staggering challenges still facing our community and share in the funding we raise with those partners who help us in building a better future for kids and families living with a neurologic condition! 

Next20! is generously supported by our 2022 partners:

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