What is a #NeuroHero?
What is a #NeuroHero?

Reflections from Executive Director & CEO Amy Brin 

As we prepare for Child Neurology Awareness Day on Oct. 29, a day to celebrate the strength and uniqueness of our child neurology community, it provides CNF an opportunity to reflect on why we are here. 

At the Child Neurology Foundation, we are committed to helping children living with neurologic conditions reach their full potential. For more than 20 years, we have done this by collaborating closely with caregivers, patients, medical professionals, and donors. We’ve built tools for families, influenced physician education, and facilitated life-changing connections. 

As proud as I am of our team here at CNF, we can’t do this alone.  

The Child Neurology Foundation exists for and because of every #NeuroHero in our community. 

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A #NeuroHero is the 1 in 5 children who live with a neurologic condition. They inspire us every day to be bold and brave in the work we do to grab that better tomorrow for them. 

A #NeuroHero is the caregiver whose life was changed in an instant but keeps charging forward. They provide our community with tangible examples of how love can fuel one to act not just out of responsibility, but out of pure devotion.  

A #NeuroHero is a doctor, nurse, clinician, or medical student that gives us hope that a brighter future does exist.  

A #NeuroHero is a donor that makes all the behind-the-scenes work possible. From the families who give monthly to the corporations who are always asking ‘how can we help?’ 

A #NeuroHero is a teacher who helps arrange accommodations for her students, the babysitter who takes the time to learn about seizure action plans, and the social worker who helps families find financial support. 

A #NeuroHero is someone who doesn’t give up. They see the full and bursting potential of every child they meet and they are hungry to support that child in reaching their potential. 

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These are the people we are proud to call our community. And if you’re here reading this today, you’re a #NeuroHero too. 

Whether you’re compelled to read and share some of our incredible #NeuroHero family stories to help raise awareness or make a donation that will support our mission, we are thankful to have you join us. 

As we celebrate Child Neurology Awareness Day, we are so grateful for each #NeuroHero in our community. As I often like to say, a rising tide lifts all boats. Together, we can rise to the occasion to help lift the children in our community towards a better tomorrow.

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