Thankful Tuesday from CNF
Thankful Tuesday from CNF
It seems that every day over the next week has a special name: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, so CNF has decided that today is
Thankful Tuesday! We have compiled a list of 7 people/things for which we are thankful! Of course, the list is not all-inclusive and somewhat random… but a wonderful list, nonetheless! #1 

Smiles Courtesy of Christopher & Sawyer, the 2017 CNF Infantile Spasms Mini-Grant Recipients #2 Time to Recharge
CNF recognizes the importance of caregivers taking care of themselves. We are incredibly proud of the Respite Care Notebook released this year. Get yours here. #3

CNF runs on passion, dedication… and gallons and gallons of coffee. #4

Global Outreach

When CNF launched the Family Support and Empowerment Program (FSEP), we had no idea that we’d get requests for help from families across the world …but we are honored to oblige. 37 countries and counting! #5

Families Who Inspire “Stars” of our 2017 Transition of Care Video Series share their stories to encourage others: Kobe, 18, lives with epilepsy and is preparing to transition from a child neurologist to adult neurologist. Kobe’s message: “Don’t be afraid, take it head on! When discussing the next chapter in her daughter’s life, Denise, Mom of Katie (age 23) says, “We just want [Katie] to maintain the sense of love and happiness that we know she has with us.” #6

Wise People Sharing Wisdom CNF is fortunate to work with child neurologists, brain surgeons, mothers, professors, fathers, authors, educators, advocates, etc. All willing to share their experiences and knowledge to enrich and inform the child neurology community. Pictured: SUDEP experts at this year’s sold-out event. #7

Our Own Families

CNF staff is thankful for our spouses and children who often share us with the child neurology community. They keep our circuses running smoothly when they need to so that we can hit the road and expand the mission of the CNF. We couldn’t do this without your love and support! xo

CNF wishes you all a very happy, healthy Thanksgiving!

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