Transitioning to an Adult Provider: Are You Ready?
Transitioning to an Adult Provider: Are You Ready?


18M adolescents, ages 18–21, reaching adulthood, will need to transition from pediatric to adult health care in the US

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“In cases where the adolescent lives with a neurologic condition, the child neurologist plays an important role in ensuring that the transition from pediatric to adult care is successful. Providers of neurologic care should start transition discussions early, in partnership with families, and guide their patients’ transition planning processes.”

Read more from a recent article highlighting CNF transitions initiatives in Exceptional Parent MagazineThe Neurologist’s Role in Supporting Transition of Adult Health Care. 

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CNF’s Interactive Graphic outlines the 8 Common Principles and matches it to downloadable tools

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Although developed for providers, these tools can empower patients and families to start the transitions conversation with providers

The goal of CNF’s Transition of Care Program is helping to support youth, families, and child neurology teams in the medical transition from pediatric to adult health care systems.

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