Welcome to the Board – Timothy Engel
Welcome to the Board – Timothy Engel

Late in 2020, CNF was lucky enough to have two new members join our Board of Directors.

One of those members is Timothy Engel, CPA, who was recently elected to CNF’s Board – familiar to many in our child neurology community already.

We asked Mr. Engel a few questions about his career and his interest in working with CNF for our latest “Getting to know CNF” post.

Tell us what you did in your former day job?

Over the last fourteen years as the CFO for the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), I was responsible for managing AAN’s internal and external financial reporting. I led the development of the annual operating budget in conjunction with other senior executives and managed AAN’s short and long-term investment portfolio. These activities were also performed for the American Brain Foundation, United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties and Child Neurology Foundation.

If you hadn’t worked in finance, what would you have done instead?

I likely would have tried to become a master woodworker designing and building cabinets, tables, bookcases and boats.

How are you spending your time since your retirement earlier this year?

What we are not doing is commencing our adventure to visit every national park. So, what am I doing? Enjoying the outdoors with long walks in the woods or an occasional backcountry backpacking trip.  There are also numerous woodworking projects to complete including the refurbishing of my wood boat I built a few years ago.

This isn’t your first time working with the Child Neurology Foundation — what about CNF’s impact inspires you to be an active CNF board member?

I spent the last six plus years helping CNF strengthen their financial position by providing financial services.  I want to continue to see and assist in helping CNF expand their reach and impact.

What’s your favorite thing to tell the people about CNF?

That CNF is like the book “The Little Engine That Could.”

CNF continues to accomplish things that others imagined could not be done.  One example is the Covid-19 resources provided to support the child neurology community.  CNF is a little organization but with a huge desire to expand its reach.

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