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November 17: Join Us for a Conversation About SUDEP

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Let’s Talk About Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP):
A Conversation with Parents and Doctors

Webinar  |  November 17, 2017  |  12-1:15 pm (ET)  |  Register
Parents of children living with epilepsy should be informed of all risks of their child’s neurologic condition – including Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) – the leading epilepsy-related cause of death. Despite the serious risk of SUDEP, doctors are often hesitant to discuss it. However, studies show that families:

  • Want their doctors to tell them about the risk of SUDEP; and
  • Believe that learning about SUDEP could make a difference in how they approach seizure control.
Join experts from the child neurology community for an interactive 75-minute webinar on SUDEP with live polling and Q&A. 

What will we talk about?

  • Introduction to SUDEP, including the known causes, risk for children, how to reduce risk
  • Current SUDEP research initiatives
  • Strategies families can use when talking with medical providers about a child’s health risks
  • Parent perspective of how to best use information about the risk for SUDEP when managing a child’s medical care
  • Resources for families as they address the risk for SUDEP

Who will talk about it?

      Jeff Buchhalter, MD, PhD               Sarah Friebert, MD                               Tom Stanton         








      Margaret Storey, PhD          Cyndi Wright (Moderator)

Can’t attend the live event? Still CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. We’ll be sure to send the archived event, direct access to resources discussed, and more SUDEP info.
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