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2021 Transitions of Care Summit

Join us June 15th-24th for the inaugural 2021 Transitions of Care Summit

We Know It Is Difficult—But Let’s Talk Behavioral Therapy

Here is information on behavioral therapy to help you make good decisions for your child and managing difficult behaviors.

Addressing kids’ challenging behaviors through a neurobehavioral lens

Changing the lens through which parents view their child’s behavior also changes the way they can approach it. Learn about the brain-first approach.

Digital Access Program: Bridging The Divide By Getting Families Online

We’re launching a pilot project to provide digital access to 100 families in our child neuro community who don’t have internet at home. The goal?…

Epilepsy Education Hub

Although epilepsy cannot be cured, many people control seizures with medication, lifestyle changes, devices, and/or surgery. It is important to control seizures as much as…

Finding Your Community, Your Source of Support

We hear from a father whose child was diagnosed with a rare disorder that had little research. This is his family’s journey finding support.   

Better Together for Kids

The Child Neurology Foundation is launching a new project Better Together for Kids that kicks off this March,  exploring how we can support better collaboration…

Getting to know the CNF team – Anne Frederick

We’d like to welcome Anne Frederick to the CNF Team. To help you get to know her, Anne answered a few questions to share with…

Research Shows Computerized Decision Support Increases Patient Communication About SUDEP

A new study, funded by Digital Health Solutions, LLC, through a grant provided by the Child Neurology Foundation, shows that computerized decision support increases communication…

Apply Now: 2021 Research Grants Open To Applicants

The 2021 application window for research grants and awards from the Child Neurology Foundation and the Child Neurology Society is now open. Since 2001, Child…

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