Back To School

All parents have questions and concerns about sending their children back to school during the current pandemic, but the child neurology community faces additional challenges. At the same time, these children and their parents are dependent on school provided therapy services, social-emotional development, and for some parents, school serves as their only respite.

The pandemic is new to everyone and there are no universally correct answers to the many of the questions being asked. Every child is unique, their situation needs to be considered individually and every school will have different policies to be considered.

To address the evolving situation, CNF has partnered with the American Academy of Pediatrics, medical and educational experts, and families to develop a Back to School Educational Series for the month of August.The topics we’re looking at cover everything from “When Should My Child Go Back To School” to “The Young Adult Perspective on Going Back to High School and College.”

Stay tuned as more content is added each week!

CNF has partnered with the American Academy of Pediatrics, medical and educational experts, and families to develop this Back to School Educational Series. CNF also thanks our 2020 partners - A Little Help Foundation, Biogen, Bluebird Bio, Eisai, Illumina, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, Neurelis, Nick and Gardiner Lapham, Ovid Therapeutics, Retrophin, UCB, Upsher-Smith Laboratories and the Winokur Family Foundation - for their support.

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