Ethan is one of the children who received a $1,000 Rise Family Grant from CNF. Here is a message from his family.

“During the school day Ethan has a Para that helps him with everything. Unfortunately, Ethan does not sit, walk, talk and has a hard time seeing. He is fed through G-tube but is able to attempt picking up goldfish and yogurt melts. He is successful 50% of the time. He is now 5 years old and loves to smile! At school he has a stander,  wheelchair and activity chair. His friends come and visit him while he’s in his stander during Center time as he’s one of the ‘Centers’ in the classroom.

I was thankful to purchase a very old, very used wheelchair van with a working ramp!

With schools being closed, any interaction Ethan can get is vital. I am able to transport him to therapies and appointments because of the van. It has needed quite a bit of work and this grant will help me continue to be able to keep the van running! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!” – SandyLee

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