Evelyn is one of the children who received a $1,000 Rise Family Grant from CNF. Here is a message from her family.

“Evelyn was born at 36 weeks on October 6, 2015. We suspected she would need a life saving TEFistula surgery hours after birth but we weren’t  prepared for all that followed. During her 6 month grueling hospital stay after her birth, Evelyn had several procedures. She underwent a tracheostomy with ventilator support, feeding tube, and many other procedures along with a CHARGE syndrome diagnosis. CHARGE syndrome is a rare genetic condition and an extremely complex syndrome because it affects almost every part of your body. Even though Evelyn struggles to swallow, see, hear, talk, run, and suffers from constant medical issues she is the happiest and sweetest child I’ve ever met.

We feel so blessed to have her in our lives. The joy that pours out of her is contagious. Watching her grow and work so hard to be the best little girl she can be is truly amazing. It’s hard to even know she’s so sick inside due to her beaming disposition.

We are incredibly grateful for the grant money and are using it towards Evelyn’s medical and therapy needs. Due to quarantine, I wasn’t able to work for over two months so the grant has really helped our family. We also are taking some of the money and setting it aside for future needs that may arise.

Thank you to all who have supported and donated to the grant. We appreciate you.” – Liz

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