Getting to Know the CNF Team – Greta Pittard
Getting to Know the CNF Team – Greta Pittard

We’d like to welcome Greta Pittard to the CNF Team. To help you get to know her, Greta answered a few questions to share with the CNF community.

What’s your role at CNF?
I am the Chief Operating Officer for Child Neurology Foundation.

How do you spend your time when you’re not at work?
If you had asked me how I spend my non-work hours 2.5 years ago, my answer would have been much different than it is today. These days, when I am not working, the bulk of my time is spent chasing a 2.5 year old, crawling around after a 12 month old, changing diapers, paying bills, and ordering groceries… all while dreaming of free time, meals out, smaller loads of laundry, and the absolute absence of diapers.

What is your power color and why?
Blue is my favorite color, not sure it’s my “power” color. Blue reminds me of the ocean, the sky, and limitless opportunity. Looking at all things blue recharges me – and I do not have a specific hue, everything from cobalt to turquoise invigorates me.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
If I had to pick a superpower it would be the ability to do Excel in my head, including pivot tables. Runner up: photographic memory.

What are you passionate about?
I’m passionate about working hard, doing the best job possible… which is why I am excited to align my career with an organization that contributes positively to society. We all spend so much time and effort at this thing we call “work.” It’s a true gift to do this at a place you can easily love and respect, with people you admire.

Which CNF Value do you identify with the most? (Integrity, Stewardship, Collaboration, Professionalism)
The CNF value that most resonates with me is integrity. Integrity demands so much of us:  dependability, commitment, understanding. All of which in turn require the ability to listen and be present. If you believe in integrity, there’s a pretty good chance you are committed to trying to be the best version of yourself possible. Which is not to say I have achieved this, but is to say that this is something I value and work toward every darn day.

How did life lead you to working with CNF?
My husband and I wanted to slow our lives down and live in a community that we felt more connected to: we were both tired of fighting the gridlock in Washington DC and we both believed that living in a smaller community would be more fulfilling for us as a family. So, we packed up our car (and a huge moving truck) and hit the road for Lexington, KY! Where life decidedly did NOT slow down but did become more fulfilling. My husband opened a small craft beverage business, we had a second child, and I accepted a fast-paced job as SVP of Production at Wrigley Media Group… where I first learned about CNF. When I saw the COO posting, I immediately applied: the position description matched everything I was looking for – both an opportunity to work in a mission-driven environment, and in operations (which I love!).

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