Getting to know the CNF Team – Stephen M. Peters
Getting to know the CNF Team – Stephen M. Peters

This week on the blog, we’re getting to know one of the members of our Board of Directors.
Meet Stephen Peters.

Tell us what you do in your day job

I’m a Partner at Brookfield Financial, a large Global Investment Bank.  I am responsible for managing the western U.S. where I focus primarily on structured finance real estate deals for our clients.

If you weren’t working in finance, what would you have done instead?

I’ve been fortunate to have pursued a lot of the things I have passion for in my career so work-wise, I remain satisfied.  What I look forward to doing once I retire (don’t hold your breath for that please) is painting and sailing, two of my favorite loves/hobbies 🙂

What about CNF’s impact inspires you to be an active CNF board member?

I have worked in the special needs space over almost 20 years now, and one of the most rewarding aspects for me has been all of the progress I have witnessed or contributed to over time in this arena.  I am humbled to have been a small part making people’s lives better, it puts a huge smile on my face everyday!

What’s your favorite thing to tell people about CNF?

That we have an incredible group of dedicated folks that really value our work together.  It has been one of the best teamwork experiences I have ever been a part of.

What made you decide to join the CNF Board of Directors?

Don Shields asked me if I would consider contributing my efforts to help CNF grow and then I was fortunate to become the first non-medical board member three years ago.

Which CNF Core Values do you identify with the most?

For me, it’s a coin-toss between Collaboration and Stewardship.  I truly enjoy how we work together as a group to provide leadership to the field:  It has been a real pleasure to serve at CNF!

What do you love about CNF’s story?

That our remarkable growth is simply reflected by how the world values what we are providing to the patients, families, and medical practitioners we serve.



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