Lucas is one of the children who received a $1,000 Rise Family Grant from CNF. Here is a message from his family.

“Despite weekly therapy appointments, we were not making much progress with Lucas in his ability and desire to be upright, put weight on his feet, and take steps.  We were actively doing treadmill therapy at the rehab center, but this was expensive and he needed more, especially at home, where he had become too tall for the baby walker and baby jumpers we had been using.  We were not able to afford a gait trainer at the time, and there were no used ones at the center that were small enough for him. We received a quote for a new kid-walk gait trainer, but even after insurance, we were going to have to pay over $1,000.  When we found out Lucas received a grant from the Child Neurology Foundation, it was almost as if it was an answered prayer.  Lucas finally received his new wheels last week, and we are so happy to see him be able to explore the world upright.

Thank you so much for doing life-changing work for these extra special people like Lucas.” – Holly

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