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Welcome to the Board – Donald Pearl

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In late 2019, two new members joined the CNF Board of Directors. One of those members is Donald Pearl. This membership marks a momentous occasion, as Mr. Pearl is the first CNF BOD member from industry. CNF has always believed that convening a multi-stakeholder perspective can only make us stronger, and we’re incredibly lucky to have Mr. Pearl’s expertise on our Board. In today’s “Getting to know CNF” post, we asked Mr. Pearl a few questions about his career and his interest in working with CNF.

Tell us what you did in your former day job?
I was the U.S. Vice President of Sales and Marketing for IPSEN Biopharmaceuticals and prior to that I worked at Allergan for 22 years. I’ve spent approximately 25 years selling and marketing pharmaceuticals and medical devices in the CNS and rehabilitation space. During my career, I also served on the Corporate Advisory Councils for the CNF, the American Academy of Neurology and the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

If you hadn’t worked in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry what else would I have done instead?
I would have continued my active duty service as an officer in the United States Army. I retired from the Army Reserves after 21 years but missed the camaraderie and mission of active service every day.

What’s your favorite thing to tell the people about the CNF?
They really care and have a clear strategic vision and the personnel to make it happen. I also like the obvious passion the staff and directors share for the children.

What made me decide to join the CNF Board of Directors?
I had the pleasure of working with the staff on different initiatives and as I was planning the next stage of my career and personal life, I wanted to be affiliated with helping children. I currently serve on the Foundation Board for the Children’s Specialized Hospital of New Jersey and its very rewarding to work locally but having the chance to help children nationally is truly something special.

What do I love about the CNF’s story?
Being an advocate for children. Enough said…

How do you think industry and advocacy should be working together?
Everyone has the goal of helping children and that common ground should be the basis for meaningful collaboration. In addition, everyone involved brings different skill sets to the table that should be leveraged in support of CNF’s mission. We don’t know what we’re missing collectively until we really give it a meaningful try.