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Collaborative Peer Support Workgroup

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Humans are more effective and happier when they have... someone to talk to about personal matters... someone who cares about them ... someone who can help them when they need help


CNF was recently awarded a Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) grant to help convene caregivers throughout the entire child neurology community that are engaged in peer support efforts. We want to identify current gaps and develop strategies to help our community legitimize peer support as an effective intervention for supporting our caregivers.

This month, we proudly announce the Collaborative Peer Support Work Group — a multidisciplinary panel engaged in bringing these insights and solutions to light for the entire community!

This Work Group’s efforts will compliment CNF’s Family Support & Empowerment Program (FSEP).

Together, we can learn from each other. Together, we can improve the experience of today. Together, we can write a new tomorrow for our entire community's caregivers.

Collaborative Peer Support Work Group members include representatives from:

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