June Jessee Memorial Foundation – Virtual Programming
June Jessee Memorial Foundation – Virtual Programming

The June Jessee Memorial Foundation was one of the recipients of CNF’s $10,000 RISING Tides grants in 2020.

The foundation used the funds for virtual programming including group music therapy sessions, support events and a seminar. They also provided financial assistance for in-home or private therapy sessions for families to replace those lost by schools closing. Visit their website for upcoming events, including virtual music therapy sessions and yoga sessions.

The June Jessee Memorial Foundation (JJMF) is a nonprofit organization that provides relief and support to help children with devastating medically complex, neurological conditions and their families in the St. Louis area and beyond. The JJMF aids the courageous children with undiagnosed, neurological conditions and their families through financial assistance, mental health services, events and resources.

The JJMF also seeks to improve the care of children with undiagnosed, neurological conditions by bringing awareness of their unique needs to pediatricians, medical residents, and other healthcare professionals, helping to advance patient care.

Below are some highlights of JJMF’s virtual programming supported by the RISING Tides grant, with details and photographs provided by the foundation.

“As a result of the Rising Tides grant, the JJMF was able to adapt our regular programming to a virtual platform to meet the current needs of our community, as well as provide much needed financial assistance for families to secure private or in-home therapy services. This was an unprecedented and unexpected need that arose from the pandemic, and the Rising Tides grant made it possible for the JJMF to create a supportive network of programming and services to meet the changed needs of families in our community.” – June Jessee Memorial Foundation

Watch JJMF’s Navigating Neurological Conditions seminar here:

Hear from the JJMF community:

“Madeleine, her brother and I have had the pleasure of participating in music therapy through JJMF. It’s so fun! The music is wonderful and the activities are so thoughtful and inclusive. It’s a true joy to have my children be able to participate in a fun activity together.” – Emily Bell, JJMF Community Member 

“As a special needs parent, the road can be very isolating. The connection with other moms who have the same struggles, pains & emotions is so important. JJMF has provided me comfort in creating & knowing I have a group of mom’s that I can talk with and relate to.” – Jamie Kappelman, JJMF Community Member

“The JJMF has provided not only financial assistance to help cover things that insurance doesn’t, but also emotional support. The moms night out was a great way to connect with other mothers and share not only challenges but also the wonderful things our little superheroes do!” – Aysha Bridges, JJMF Community Member

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