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Creating a Culture of Collaboration: Paul Cooper receives Facilitation Impact Award with CNF

Update Oct. 26, 2020: The Child Neurology Foundation is pleased to announce that our facilitator Paul Cooper, CPF, alongside CEO Amy Brin, MSN, MA, PCNS-BC,…

Getting to know the CNF team – Nicky Young

We’d like to welcome Nicky Young to the CNF Team. To help you get to know her, Nicky answered a few questions to share with…


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Our daughter May suffered what seemed like a small fall at the age of 5 months, she was rushed to the hospital after she threw…


“When we found out Lucas received a grant from the Child Neurology Foundation, it was almost as if it was an answered prayer.  Lucas finally…

Communities of Practice

CNF’s Community of Practice gathering is a way to provide a safe forum for people in our sector to support one another, connecting about our…


Luke really needed the social interaction, and since we started two weeks ago, the light is coming back into his eyes.



Mia is 3 years old and has a rare form of epilepsy, SCN8A, that causes developmental delays and other problems as well.


He has a smile that lights up a room, he loves people, and he’s also a typical rowdy boy. 


Auggie is trained to alert to oncoming seizures, a job she takes very seriously. Auggie keeps our daughter safe, and affords her a level of…

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