If you or a child you care for have the symptoms of a neurologic disorder — or have received this diagnosis — we want you to know that you are not alone

There is a vast network of information, resources, and support available within the child neurology community. But it can be difficult to know if the information you find, especially online, is credible and trustworthy. That’s why we have set up this portal for patients and caregivers, accompanying you on the path that most patients and caregivers take, from the onset of symptoms to seeking and receiving a diagnosis, from choosing treatment options to finding support and managing the disorder. All the content here is written or reviewed by child neurologists so that you are getting the most reliable guidance available. Moreover, our Disorder Directory provides in-depth information and resources for some of the most common child neurologic conditions. If you cannot find what you need, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Introducing: CNF’s Family Support and Empowerment Program

The CNF Family Support and Empowerment Program (FSEP) offers families a direct connection with an experienced, compassionate Peer Support Specialist to help navigate the journey of disease diagnosis, treatment, and management for a child living with neurologic condition. One in six children is living with a neurologic diagnosis.

Along with offering relational support, CNF Peer Support Specialists seek to empower families by sharing sound information and helpful resources. Each Peer Support Specialist receives comprehensive training about the needs of the child neurology community and ongoing mentorship as they start connecting with families.

If you’re a parent, receiving a diagnosis for your child that is life-changing will shake you to your core.  Having a safe place to explore feelings of “this is not the way it’s supposed to be” is what FSEP is all about. Sharing the emotional process that often comes with a new diagnosis or living with a neurologic condition, with someone who has also experienced these feelings, can be helpful to many families. FSEP’s Peer Support Specialists are trained to listen to you during along this emotional journey without judgment. In addition, you will be provided with accessible resources and information from CNF or our trusted partners.

FSEP was created so that no parent or caregiver in the child neurology community ever walks alone: “We would be humbled and honored to walk with you on your journey.”

Connect with a Peer Support Specialist today.